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2022-2023 Piano Lesson Schedule

We're facing uncertain times still but one thing we do know is that piano lessons will go on regardless of our circumstances. 


If in-person lessons don't work at the moment, we know that we have on-line lessons as an alternative as we discovered in the "lock-down" in the past year and a half.  zoom is proving to be an ever-resourceful alternative to "live" lessons and, in some respects, is providing us with opportunities that weren't possible 18 months ago. Vive la difference!


One of the institutions I invented during our online year - Office Hours - will be continued. This is an opportunity for students and families to meet on zoom, to ask any questions they may have that have not been answered during lesson time and, perhaps most importantly, to play to each other.


Here is the schedule for the coming 2021 - 2022 teaching year:


September 1: school starts

September  12: piano lessons (Term 1) begin(s)

October 10: Thanksgiving - no lesson

October 21/4: school PD days - to be confirmed

November 11- 15: Remembrance Day - no lessons

December 18:  Christmas concert (zoom)

December  24: Christmas holidays

January 9: piano lessons (Term 2) resume.

February 18 - 21: Family day holidays

March 2: teachers' convention

March 25 - April 2: Spring Break

April 7 - 10: Easter - no lessons

May 20 - 24: Victoria Day  holidays

June 23: last day of lessons.

June 25: end-of-year recital

Please note our recital date for the 2022- 2023 year:

Sunday, June 25, 2022: End of year recital, 2.00 p.m. either online via zoom or at the Heimtal Moravian Church, 5315 127 Street SW, Edmonton, AB T6Y 0A5 (just south of 41Ave., SW) or on-line via zoom. Location TBA 


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