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The best age to start piano lessons is now.


As a piano teacher, I'm often asked if a boy or girl is too young for piano lessons. Often, parents are told to wait until after first grade to ensure a child understands basic reading, counting and letters. I agree that it makes learning the piano easier. I disagree that anyone needs to wait to start learning about music or an instrument. I have students who can read music before reading books!

Challenges of piano lessons before grade school
You may encounter some difficulty with motor skill coordination.  

You may need to start on a weighted keyboard for some children. 

Your child will need the parent to practice with them each time. 

Benefits of starting piano lessons before grade school
Your child will become familiar with the instrument and not be intimidated by it. 

Learning music is said to stimulate children's brains and help with

other learning. 

They will develop motor skill coordination that they did not have. 

Their fingers will be stronger by the time they are old enough to play harder songs. 

They will know the routine of piano lessons and piano practice before entering school. 

They will get faster at learning their music. 


Parents are pulled in many directions when it comes to extracurricular activities and educational enrichment for children. Music is not really meant to be your secret solution to passing math with flying colours one day. It is supposed to be fun.


It is fun and it's a whole lot more than that.


In learning an instrument a child learns focus and challenge and achievement. Not all of us will grow up to be good at maths and the world needs a whole lot more than competent mathematicians to pull us through the decades ahead!


As long as parents maintain a patient approach to music lessons, children will see it as fun and something a whole lot bigger than the ability to do maths will grow within them. 


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