zooming ahead

Online Lessons



                                                 It's so EASY!

In the past 6 months zoom has proved to be a very effective alternative to live/in person lessons. As a teaching platform it has so much to offer and the future possibilities are considerable.

This year, in addition to continuing private lessons I will be using zoom for monthly group classes where students can study the theory of music together and also come together to perform to each other. Piano students do not have the ensemble opportunities that students of other instruments do. With monthly Sunday afternoon workshops, piano students will get the opportunity, not only to deepen and enrich their knowledge of music but also to listen to their peers and become part of a wider music-making world than the family living-room piano. These will be opportunities for students with at least one year's playing experience behind them.

Please, if you need help, ask.



You already have everything you need for your child to begin piano lessons on zoom - a piano, a device such as a tablet, laptop, desktop or phone and a reliable internet connection. It's THAT EASY!!