Home school piano lessons

If you are home-schooling your child and you are not a trained piano teacher, this is where I fit in.

know home-schooling - I home-schooled my son for 5 years and my daughter in maths for 1 year.


"We found Richard through the Aspen Gardens News Letter. With three little kids I needed someone who would come to our house, ignore the chaos, and provide my cautious eldest child with sensitive, child-centered, low-pressure music instruction.


Richard delivered: He was friendly from the get-go and won our daughter over with her very own pink binder full of music sheets. Her first homework had nothing to do with piano but was to draw a picture for the cover of her book, highlighting Richard’s understanding of children and recognition that good teaching is built on good relationships.


Although the first lesson was like pulling teeth, as soon as Richard was out of the door our daughter lit up with excitement about what she had learned in her 30-minute session and couldn't wait for the next week. Since then she stands at the door every week waiting for “Mr. Richard” and her two younger siblings are on her heels. 


In a short 5 month period our daughter went from randomly plunking keys to knowing her notes, doing finger exercises, starting some theory sheets, and playing upwards of 10 pieces ranging from Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star to a first stage Royal Conservatory piece. Most importantly she says that playing piano “makes her heart smile with happiness” and that is exactly what we had hoped for.


Thank you Richard." 


Two years later:

Rebecca still waits near the door for "Mr. Richard" to arrive for her lesson


We are so pleased with how our daughter’s skills and love for the piano have continued to flourish under Richard’s kind instruction.


This year she successfully passed Grade 1 Royal Conservatory and is diving into the Level 2 book. We’re pretty sure she’s hooked on piano and are thankful for Richard’s role in that.

(Teacher's note: this year Rebecca completed Level 2 with honours).