PIANO LESSONS 2020 - 2021



We're facing uncertain times but one thing we do know is that piano lessons will go on regardless of our circumstances. 


If in-person lessons don't work at the moment, we know that we have on-line lessons as an alternative as we discovered in the "lock-down" earlier this year. zoom is proving to be an ever-resourceful alternative to "live" lessons and, in some respects, is providing us with opportunities that weren't possible 6 months ago. Vive la difference!

Here is the schedule for the coming 2020 - 2021 teaching year:

September 8 :                             school starts

September 14 :                           piano lessons (Term 1) begin

October 12:                                Thanksgiving - no lesson

November 11:                            Remembrance Day - no lesson

December 18:                            last day of lessons, Christmas and New Year holidays.

January 4:                                   piano lessons (Term 2) resume.

February 15:                              Family day - no lesson.

March 29 - 31:                           Spring Break

April 1 - 6:                                   Easter - no lesson.

May 24:                                       Victoria Day - no lesson.

June 16, 2021:                            last day of lessons.

Please note our recital date for the 2020 - 2021 year:

June 18, 2020:                           End of year recital, 2.00 p.m. at Heimtal Moravian Church, 5315 127 Street SW,                                                                   Edmonton, AB T6Y 0A5 (justsouth of 41Ave., SW) or on-line via zoom.