PIANO LESSONS 2019 - 2020



For the 2019 - 2020 year, as I did last year, I will be broadening my basic teaching curriculum by including concerts and outings. These will be optional, educational and sociable and fun.

From time to time through the year there will be opportunities for parents to bring their children to listen to and watch working pianists. It could be a jazz pianist entertaining a Sunday brunch crowd or a concert pianist featured with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, perhaps a chamber music concert. Apart from being entertaining these outings will give students a context for their lessons and the practice they do. Every musician that we listen to on these outings will have begun just like them - learning the notes, learning to read music, the discipline of practice, finger exercises - discovering the excitement of music as their studies progressed to the point where it became a life and a livelihood.

As the new teaching year gets under way I'll look at what is on in Edmonton and let you all know.

For the moment, though, here is the schedule for the coming 2019 - 2020 teaching year:

September 3 :                             school starts

September 9:                              piano lessons begin.

October 12 - 14:                         Thanksgiving - no lesson.

December 20:                             last day of lessons, Christmas and New Year holidays.

January 6:                                    piano lessons resume.

February 17 :                              Family day - no lesson.

March 21 - 29                             Spring Break

April 10 - 13:                               Easter - no lessons.

May 18:                                       Victoria Day - no lessons.

June 19, 2020:                            last day of lessons.

Please note our recital date for the 2019 - 2020 year:

June 19, 2020:                           End of year recital, 5.00 p.m. at Heimtal Moravian Church, Leduc County (just south of 41Ave., SW)