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"Richard is a great piano teacher! His extensive musical knowledge and experience and his passion for music and teaching are evident in every lesson! As a beginner adult with no musical experience, I am not the typical piano student. Richard is flexible and individualizes my lessons to cater to my specific learning needs. I am very glad to have him as an instructor and would recommend him to anyone!"



I have spent my life in music, writing and performing. I have been teaching piano in Edmonton for the past 10 years.
I am a Dad with two children, aged 14 and 19. I spent 5 years homeschooling my son and have just finished home-schooling my daughter part-time.
When not busy with teaching piano or homeschooling my kids, I currently write songs and music cues for film and TV.
I graduated B. Mus. in harmony and composition from Auckland University (NZ) during which time I wrote a considerable amount of music for theatre. I studied composition again at Master's level at Calgary University in the mid-1990s. Before I came to Canada, I worked for Zomba Music in London doing lead sheets for artists such as Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Thomas Dolby and Billy Ocean as well as "singing for my supper" as a gigging musician.  After moving to Canada (to Peterborough, Ontario), amongst other things I was one of the founding members and directors of the Peterborough Folk Festival (late 80s/early 90s).
More recently I taught music at Garneau Early Learning Centre in Edmonton (a move inspired by being a Dad) and now teach piano for a living (a move inspired by being around my young and not so young children).
A future project is to launch an annual piano competition, the Heritage Valley Piano Competition, in the next few years. Watch this site for further details.
 - Richard van Oosterom